Raymond and Lily - Champion of Tango Salon 2011 in Asia and 2014 in China

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Laila Leandro Workshop

17 Oct - 16 Nov 2013 


The long waited return of our beloved maestros Laila and Leandro is finally possible this year 17Oct- 16Nov! REGISTRATION STARTED already, act NOW!!! 

Laila y Leandro Oliver are the main dancers in the world renowned "Tango x 2" company. They are dancers, choreographers and masters since 1997, they have danced in the most prestigious Argentine Tango companies, such as "COPES TANGO COPES" (from Juan Carlos Copes), "TANGUERA" (as main dancer), "TANGO EMOCION" (from Mora Godoy, as main dancer and choreographer), and many others. In addition, they have represented the Argentina in the Universal Expo AICHI 2005, in Japan (as main dancers and choreographers). Since 1999 and even now, they are working with Miguel Angel Zotto in "TANGO X 2 COMPANY". They have also been main dancers and judge in-chief in "TANGO LIBERTAD FESTIVAL 2008 in Japan, in Asian championship, and European championship. They are one of the creators and artistic directors of "TANGO CON LAS ESTRELLAS FESTIVAL". In an independent and continuous way, they travel around the world teaching and spreading their unique technique. 

Laila and Leandro are one of the best teachers we have met. They are very demanding teachers in classes, they attend to students in detail and give us 200% energy in classes. They have very sharp eyes who can see your problem quickly and find different ways to let you understand and change your bad habbits. They are not only teachers, but coaches who can really help and push you to the next level. They even helped us through our struggles psychologically... Classes of Laila y Leandro are energetic, very helpful with a lot of exercises to help you train up your technique solidly. 

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Registration Guidelines : 

We have carefully planned the classes to get the most out of the 1-month extended stay of the maestros. 

1. Send email with the completed registration form to dyc2014hk@gmail.com. Or just type in all the info required in the email clearly. Payment should be made after our email reply to confirm availability of classes. 

2. Classes are planned with [Technique+Movement] modules for all weekend classes. You can join either of them, but joining both will be most beneficial to your learning as the movement classes are build on the €concepts in the technique classes. 

2. All classes are of 2-hour, a bit longer than normal classes which are usually just enough to just "know" how to do the movements, we hope students have a bit more time to "get it" with their body and "consolidate" what they have learnt in every classes. 

3. "A Day as a dancer"- , a die-hard intensive full day training programme for those who are interested to experience how a day is like for a professional dancer. It'll include 2 hour body training + 2 hours choreography learning + 2 hours simulated audition. You don't need to be a real dancer, just experience and put yourselves to the challenge! The first 2 hours of training do not need to be registered in partners, but the choreography part and the audition part required registration and taking the class in couples. 

4. Private class booking is very 火熱非常, we already have 70 hours booking in a few days. Please contact Michelle at lyl2013hk@gmail.com for reservation.

5. We have a Special Joint milonga "Milonga por dos" with an exclusive double bill featuring performances Laila y Leandro and Gabriel y Analia, they have been dancing in the TangoX2 company for years before and... now a rarely able to be put together in the same show! Not to be missed. Please reserve tickets for "Milonga por dos" via Puro Tango by email to gabrielyanaliahk2013@gmail.com. Enquiry at 98027764 (Ray).

6. Registration in couple is not compulsory in most classes (except 12M-Choreography and 12A-Audition class), but encouraged with a discount for better balance of men:women ratio. Partners are still encouraged to rotate in classes. You can partner with different persons in different classes. Please indicate partners names in the registration form. 

7. All classes are limited to 20 women and 20 men only. If there are 15 girls registered for the class, we shall put the girls who register after that into waiting list, unless there are more guys register. Once classes are full, walk-in may not be allowed. We cannot guarantee a balanced ratio, but we'll try our best to do it.

If there's any queries, please send us by email to lyl2013hk@gmail.com  


Private Class is open for booking from 13 Aug 2013. Please email lyl2013hk@gmail.com for reservation and enquiry.