Raymond and Lily - Champion of Tango Salon 2011 in Asia and 2014 in China

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The 1st Tango Salon Championship in Hong Kong will be held on 7th-8th of June 2013 as an official affiliated competition of the Asian Tango Championship in Tokyo and World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

[Entry Rules] 
The Championship will consist of the categories: 
Salon Tango (Open Category) Entries are unrestricted for amateurs as well as professionals from Hong Kong and all Asian cities. 
Salon Tango (Novice Category). For those with either 1 of the partners to have less than 2 years tango experience from Hong Kong and all Asian cities.
Dancers will compete through Qualifying round, Semi-final and then Final. All the competition rounds will be open to spectators.
The winning couple in the Open Category will enter the Asian Tango Championship in Tokyo and will accede directly to the semi-final round.
Registration and participation in the Championship is subject to a fee of
HK$1000 per couple for Open Category
HK$800 per couple for Novice Category 

The competition will be developed in three stages: The Qualifying round, The Semifinal and The Final.
Qualifying round: all couples registered will participate. 
Semifinal: couples who have been selected in the qualifying round will participate. 
Final: couples selected in the Semi-final will participate.
In the competition, couples will compete in group performances, improvising three songs selected by the Championship committee which will be only announced right before the competition.
Renowned Argentinian maestros and judges from Asia will form the judge panel.
The Organization will be entitled to eliminate from the competition those participants that do any of the following:
a) Do not comply with the rules.
b) Carry out, during the competition, any political or religious demonstration (by any means) that may be offensive to the audience or the Organization, or affect the course of the event.
c) Participants who commit any moral offense or improper act that distract, trouble or disturb the Championship in Hong Kong.
[Evaluation Criteria]
Once formed, the couple must not separate while the music is playing. This means that they will not break the embrace, which is considered the basic dance position in tango. For the position to be considered correct, the body of one of the members of the couple must be contained all the time by the arm of the other. It is understood that in certain figures, this may be flexible, but not throughout the duration of the dance.
All movements must be made within the space allowed by the couple’s embrace.
Neither member of the couple may lift his or her legs above the knees.
Within these parameters, the couple may perform any commonly used figures, including barridas (sweeps), sacadas al piso (drawn to the floor), enrosques (twists), etc.
All other figures typical of Stage Tango such as ganchos (hooks), saltos (jumps) and trepadas (climbs) are completely forbidden.
As is typical in a dancehall, couples must constantly move counterclockwise and may not stay in the same part of the choreographic space as this would obstruct the circulation on the dance floor.
The jury will take into account the couple’s musicality and walking style as fundamental to the score.
The 1st Tango Salon Championship in Hong Kong will have a winning or champion couple from the Open Category that will accede directly to the semi-final of the Asian Tango Championship in Tokyo.
The first prize in Open Category will consist of two air tickets to Tokyo and accommodation during the days in which the Asian championship’s semi-finals and final rounds take place, or equivalent monetary prize. 
In addition, second and third positions of Open Category and winners of Novice Category will be awarded prizes and special mentions. All contestants will receive the relevant certificates of participation.

* Participant should prepare their own visa to HK and visa to Japan if necessary. 


Tango Salon Championship in Hong Kong
is an affiliated championship of the
World Tango Championship in Argentina


The regulations are subject to final decision by the championship committee of HK.