Raymond and Lily - Champion of Tango Salon 2011 in Asia and 2014 in China

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FREE Trial Class of Argentine Tango
for Absolute Beginners

學習探戈舞步音樂 , 認識新朋友及阿根廷探戈特有的舞會文化,另你開始不一樣的精彩生活! 不需要帶舞伴!

Date : 
 once or twice every month (please send message by whatsapp to 92572195 to check dates)
NO need to bring a partner with you, partners are rotated during each class.
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OTROTango ShenZhen   深圳分校


Regular Group Classes 
by OTROTango
Beginner Course
Improver Class
Intermediate Class

Advance Class
Ladies Technique Class
Milonga/Vals Class
Tango Fundamental Class

Special Theme Class
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Raymond and Lily are available for
Private Classes  
Small Group Private Classes
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OTROTango Dance Studio
for studio rental : 90258001
(whatsapp welcome)
Studio Address :
Rm1401 Cheuk Nang Centre, 9 Hillwood Road, TST, Kowloon, HK. (1 street from Jordan MTR station Exit D)
九龍九龍九龍尖沙咀山林道9號, 卓能中心1401室

Otrotango is found by Raymond and Lily who are the most exciting tango couple in HK. They have won in the World Tango Championship 2011 as the Champions in Salon Tango in Asia.  It is the first time that the 1st prize in the Tango Championship was given to a Chinese couple. They have also came 4th in the semi-final round and were finalists of the World Tango Salon Championship in Buenos Aires. They are the only couple in HK wining such a prestigious prize at world class level. In 2014, they have won in the Salon Tango and Vals categories in the Championship in China.

They have been invited to perform in international Tango Festivals in many cities in Asia. They are very dedicated teachers who teach with all their hearts to help the students learn, enjoy and share their love of tango.



誘惑的腳影,性感的舞姿... 往往是一般人對阿根廷探戈的印象,然而舞蹈形式上,阿根廷探戈有別於國際標準舞探戈那種挺腰甩頭,咬著玫瑰花的形態。阿根廷探戈著重下身的動作,雙腿或朐或纏,上身都是緊貼著對方。而最大的不同之處,是阿根廷探戈的舞步都是由男方引領,女士追隨的,是完全隨心隨意,完全即興的一種舞蹈。所以在阿根廷探戈的舞會中,男女一般都不會只與特定舞伴跳舞,因為只要帶領與跟隨正確,即使是兩個陌生人,也可以在動人的探戈樂曲中,共同舞出阿根廷探戈的優美與浪漫,這也是阿根廷探戈最醉人之處。


Video of performance by Raymond and Lily in Shanghai Tango Festival, 2011


Milonga OTRA Noche
Date : Fridays
Time : 9:30pm -1:30am
Venue : Dance Culture
20/F, Richmond Plaza, 496 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay.
Entrance Fee:  $120

Milonga OTRA Noche(literally meaning : Another Night in Spanish) is organized by Las Gatas (the Cats) including Lily, Agnes and Avis.

We intend to bring the HK tango scene another nite with nice atmosphere, high quality dancing experience and music by different guest DJs every weeks.



Practica Otro

Date      : every Thursdays
Time      : 9:15pm- 12:15am 
Venue    : Ricky Studio - 1/F Chong Tak Building, 33-39Austin Road, Kowloon, HK. (Jordan MTR station Exit C)
九龍尖沙咀柯士甸道33-39號, 創德樓 1樓
Admission : $70.-  (including guided sessions and drinks)
                          $60 for students with pass or coupon
Guided Sessions : around 10:00 - 10:30pm



Email otrotango@hotmail.com for more details or request stating your size.


Raymond's favourite "2x4 al pie" Tango shoes for MEN are available for sale NOW!!! Email us at otrotango@hotmail.com for details and state your size.


Read Lily's Blog on Tango here at